Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bee's Knees

BZZZZZZZZZZZ......We have been lucky to receive many beautiful love notes from our past clients thanking us for our hard work and creativity. We have been gifted with exotic items such as a Mikimoto pearl brooch from Asia, a beautiful handbag from Brazil, cashmere from Peru & expensive wine from Napa Valley. But our favorite all time gift is a compliment and our most unforgettable quote from a client is this....

"Lulu Events is the Bee's Knees"
- Dr. Raphael Merriman

Thank you Dr. Merriman and Bottoms Up to
Lulu Events own signature cocktail named appropriately the "Bee's Knees"!
Ingredients: Vodka, Champagne, w a touch of honey for the special sweetness.

As we did research on the history of the term we found that the 'Bee's Knees' saying was invented in the 1920's (we love that era and we bet that Great Grandma Lulu was sipping on her share of cocktails having a grand ole time back then!) and means.."you are referring to something excellent or outstanding"! Okay, we will take that! And with spring here, we heart this cocktail! And we also adore the featured china found at Anthropology with our little friends buzzing around.

Cheers! Lulu Events

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